Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Takumi & Hinoka Bound Hero Battle And Summoning Focus



    Fire Emblem Heroes launched its latest Bound Hero Battle with Takumi & Hinoka with a chance to earn Orbs by taking on the Special Maps. A new Focus for the event has also gone live.


    The Bound Hero Battle: Takumi & Hinoka will be available through November 24, and it is available in three difficulty settings of Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal.



    The Summoning Focus: Takumi & Hinoka’s Battle features Takumi: Wild Card, Hinoka: Warrior Princess, and their little sister Sakura: Loving Priestess. The Focus will also be available through November 24, 2017.


    However, those of you holding onto Orbs might want to wait a little longer, as a new Legendary Hero Summoning event was recently announced, and it’ll feature 8% rates for the 5-star Focus appearance rate with a 0% chance for any of the non-Focus Heroes. You can read up on that and plenty more from the recent Feh broadcast in our previous report.


    Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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