Fire Emblem Heroes Increases Team Slots To 15, And The Ability To Swap Skill Sets



Fire Emblem Heroes is set to be updated in August, and today the full contents of the update have been revealed. Apart from those introduced in the previous Feh Channel, Fire Emblem Heroes is increasing team slots, adding a new mode to Blessed Gardens, and other things.


Arena Updates

A new tier, Great Summoner, will be added to the Arena starting 8/14. Only a select number of users who have reached the current highest tier, Tier 20, can be promoted to this special new tier. The tier number will be represented by a crown mark, and there will be a number displayed showing how many times you have been in this tier. Furthermore, Feh will now wear a crown as well.


Weapon Refinery

weapon refinery


The Askr Order of Heroes characters can now refine their weapons for better effects. Apart from changing the base effect, each weapon also has a unique refinery effect.

Alfonse now gets a Brazen Atk/Def 3 effect on the refined Folkvangr, and has a Triangle Adept effect for his unique refine. Now, especially devious people can stack two Brazen skills on top of each other!

Fensalir loses its Threaten Attack effect, instead turning into a lance form of Divine Naga’s effect. Buffs that show up as a blue number, from Rally skills, etc., will be nullified in combat. Furthermore, Sharena gets a Spd/Def Bond unique refine, as she wants to befriend all the Heroes.

Anna’s Noatun axe doubles down on its teleportation gimmick, as now it only takes Anna being at half health for its Escape Route effect to take effect. Furthermore, Anna’s unique refine is that when above 50% HP, she can teleport to allies within two spaces, meaning that she’ll always be on the move.



Blessed Gardens

New Grounds maps will be added to the Blessed Gardens on August 26, where you need to use multiple teams like in Squad Assault. Heroes who have fought once cannot fight in the successive maps.


Allies Menu

  • Skill Sets added

To make it easier to swap out skills based on the situation, we’ve added a feature that allows you to save skill sets. You can create up to five skill sets for each ally.

  • Update to Favorites

You can now specify multiple favorite marks which will now reflect priority.

  • More Teams & Brigades

We’ve increased the number of teams that can be saved from 10 to 15, as well as the number of brigades from 5 to 8.


Other Changes

You will now receive EXP, SP, and Hero Merit in Rival Domains and Grand Conquests. Also, Ally Support and Summoner Support will now increase as well.


Grand Hero Battle: Walhart



On July 29, the Grand Hero Battle against Walhart: The Conqueror will begin. The ruthless emperor of Valm’s hubris drives him to conquer and subjugate. Walhart appears from Fire Emblem Awakening.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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