Fire Emblem Heroes Kicks Off Its Second Voting Gauntlet, Here’s How It Works



Fire Emblem Heroes kicked off its first round of the new Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights Voting Gauntlet. The first round lasts until April 7, so here’s a recap on how it works, for those of you who are new to the feature or just need a little refresher.


The first round of the Voting Gauntlet has the following match-ups between Wyvern Rider and Pegasus Knight units: Hinoka vs. Camilla, Cordelia vs. Cherche, Palla vs. Minerva, and Tsubaki vs. Beruka.


You start out by picking a Hero to support, and from there you join their “army.” You won’t know how many points a Hero’s army has until you join it. From here, you’ll support your army by winning battles. Unlike regular battles, these are 3-on-3 battles featuring the leaders of both armies, your Hero, as well as a Hero from a friend in the same army.


Winning battles gets you the right to vote, and these votes are what provide armies with points for the Voting Gauntlet match-ups. Again, you can multiply your votes by using “Battle Flags” acquired through log-in bonus and special Voting Gauntlet quests. Keep in mind that if your Hero of choice loses in a round, you’ll get to continue participating in the event by choosing a different Hero’s army to join for the following round.


Here’s the schedule for the new Voting Gauntlet:

  • Round 1 – 4/5/17 to 4/7/17 (12:00am EST)
  • Round 2 – 4/7/17 to 4/9/17 (12:00am EST)
  • Final Round – 4/9/17 to 4/10/17 (12:00am EST)


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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