Fire Emblem Heroes’ Latest Feh Channel Introduces New Lost Lore Mode And Choose Your Legend Heroes


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The latest Feh Channel update video for Fire Emblem Heroes has released, bringing info on a new mode, several new Summer celebration events, as well as info and art for the Choose Your Legends 3 winners – Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood, and Camilla.


Check out the info below here:

Feh’s Summer Celebration

feh channel 0208 1

Like previous Summer Celebrations, there are various ways to earn extra orbs, including 10 Daily Reward Maps that appear on consecutive days beginning on August 2, 2019.


feh channel 0208 2

There will also be Grand Hero Battle Revivals that let players who missed out on them the first and second times play them. Each GHB will last two days, and you’ll be able to get another copy of these Heroes for free during this period by beating quests.


feh channel 0208 3

feh channel 0208 4

A total of 21 Focus banners that have released over 2018 will be returning for a day each. Meanwhile, a new Hero Fest with increased rates for the above four Heroes will be available soon.


Lost Lore

feh channel 0208 5

A new idle mode where you embark on missions to restore the lore of the worlds across the Fire Emblem series. You choose two Heroes to scout the area, with Heroes originating from that world doing better. Rewards can include orbs, tickets, badges, and more.

There are various Acts to clear in this mode, and the Final Act will have a ‘Strike’ option instead where you deploy four Heroes. The Act will feature a mystery boss your units must defeat on your own, so pay attention to hints that might tell you who they are. You can also check on their progress remotely. Allies that have an Ally Support will carry over their Ally Support bonus stats, and their Ally Support can also passively increase when used in this mode when used together for 24 hours.


Finally, rewards are earned based on how many lines you clear. Lost Lore will begin on August 13, 2019.


Choose Your Legends 3

Here’s the art and standout skills for the CYL 3 winners that will release later this month. More information on the Heroes will be released in a separate video. Each of the characters have been designed by the respective artists who originally drew them in their games.



feh channel 0208 7

feh channel 0208 8

Camilla’s outfit seems to be based off her father Garon’s outfit. Garon is separately available in Fire Emblem Heroes:




feh channel 0208 9

feh channel 0208 10


Eliwood’s outfit is based off the outfit that’s only seen in the epilogue of Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade:





feh channel 0208 11

feh channel 0208 12


Micaiah’s outfit is based off her Light Priestess promotion class in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn:




feh channel 0208 13

feh channel 0208 14


Finally, Alm’s infamous armor comes from his look in the Fire Emblem Gaiden instruction manual, but modernized:


This matches Celica’s look in CYL 2, where she was also based off her Gaiden design.


You can watch the full Feh Channel here:


On a separate note, an accidental gaffe by Intelligent Systems and DeNA has revealed who’ll be the next Legendary Hero – Julia from Fire Emblem: Geneology of the Holy War.



Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Android and iOS.

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