Fire Emblem Heroes’ Latest Summoning Focus Has Heroes With Death Blow



Fire Emblem Heroes has gone live with its latest Summoning Focus and it features Elincia, Delthea, and Klein as part of the “Heroes with Death Blow” Focus.



Death Blow is a pretty powerful A-slot ability that grants Atk+6 when the unit initiates combat with Death Blow 3. It is often paired together with a Brave Weapon for the guaranteed +12 damage.


If you’re mostly after the skill, Klein is the only one of the group to get Death Blow 3 at 4-star rarity, while Delthea and Elincia both learn it at 5-star rarity.


The Focus: Heroes with Death Blow will be around until November 23, 2017.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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