Fire Emblem Heroes’ Legendary Hero Summoning Event With Ike: Vanguard Legend Now Live



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Fire Emblem Heroes is celebrating its first anniversary with bonuses including up to 100 orbs coming our way starting February 1. A new Legendary Hero Summoning Event has kicked off the festivities and it is now live.


Below is a closer look at the Legendary Hero Summoning Event (Ike: Vanguard Legend):


And here are the skills learnable at 5-star:



As for the Legendary Hero Summoning Event, it features Sanaku, Siegbert, Faye, Azura (Performing Arts), Lucina (Brave Hero), Takumi, Xander (Nohrian Summer), Fjorm, Frederick (Ylissean Summer), Robin (Ylissean Summer), and Gunnthrá.


Similar to previous Legendary Hero events, this one will feature a 5-star focus appearance rate of 8% with non-focus 5-star Heroes set to 0%.


The event is available from now through February 4, 2018. It comes with a number of great Heroes, so it’ll definitely be worth your Orbs, especially considering how many we’ll be getting for the 1st anniversary event that starts tomorrow. You can read up on that and much more info on what’s to come in our previous report.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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