Fire Emblem Heroes’ Legendary Heroes Focus With Robin: Fell Vessel Arrives March 29



Nintendo shared a new trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes’ upcoming Legendary Hero event featuring Robin: Fell Vessel and other Legendary Heroes starting March 29.


Similar to the Fallen Hero version of Robin (Male) the Grima-fueled female counterpart will be joining as the featured Hero of the Summoning Event. She’s a flying, Colorless dragon that brings a completely unique touch including a brand-new skill that nullifies flying units’ weakness to bows.


Here are more details on Robin: Fell Vessel and her skills learnable at 5-star:


Robin: Fell Vessel (CV Lauren Landa, Artist: Chiko)



The Legendary Hero Robin (Fell Vessel) event starts on March 29 and ends April 3, 2018.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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