Fire Emblem Heroes’ March Update Lets You Call Allies From Your Friend List


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New details on Fire Emblem Heroes’ upcoming early March update has been revealed on the official Japanese Twitter account, teasing new different modes, and new weapons available in the Weapon Refinery.




A new type of special map, Rival Domains, will be available after the update. Players choose up to 20 heroes in order to defeat as many enemies and take as many bases as possible in 10 turns to get a high score. Allies can also be called in from your friend list.


The map available for Rival Domains will be swapped out every Friday, starting from the week of the update. However, there are also two restrictions to the mode:

  • There can only be 1 Dancer at most on a team.
  • No using multiple copies of the same unit on the same team.


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The Blessed Gardens will also become available from March, where players can earn orbs and other rewards. Access to these maps are restricted to Legendary units, or units who have the required elemental Blessing conferred. There must also be four characters in the team, without any duplicate units.


When first entering the Water Gardens, players will receive four Water Blessings that can be used on their preferred units. Other elemental Blessings can be earned by playing this mode. New maps will be added to this mode every Saturday, starting the week of the update.


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There are also updates to the Weapon Refinery. Soren: Shrewd Strategist will receive a new personal weapon named Wind’s Brand, which can also be refined. Eirika: Restoration Lady, and Leo: Sorcerous Prince will also receive weapon refines for their personal weapons, Sieglinde, and Brynhildr respectively.


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Finally, as a reminder, the Grand Hero Battle against Takumi: Empty Vessel is currently available. Takumi’s weapon, Skadi, causes 3-column long ranged damage to enemies every third turn, and by beating the map, players can receive the unit for themselves.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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