Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Choose Your Legends 4 Units and Trait Changing Feature

Fire Emblem Heroes

Today, Intelligent Systems released the second Feh Channel update of August for Fire Emblem Heroes. This time, the video focuses on the four winners of the Choose Your Legends voting poll, an unexpected Grand Hero Battle character, a new game mode, and updates to features already in the game coming in September.

Editor’s Note: Spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses below!

Choose Your Legends 4

Women’s Division 2nd Place – Lysithea: Earnest Seeker

Fire Emblem Heroes

Lysithea won the second place in Choose Your Legends this year, and she comes in her post-timeskip appearance in her Gremory class outfit. She uses Dark Spikes T as her weapon, and we see her using the attack on Dark Knight.

Men’s Division 2nd Place – Claude: Almyra’s King

Fire Emblem Heroes

After the end of the Golden Deer path in Three Houses, Claude returns home to Almyra to reclaim his true rightful spot as the next King of Almyra. He’s dressed in Almyran Barbarossa attire, and comes with a new bow that seems to have healing properties. He’s also a bow-using flying unit.

Women’s Division 1st Place – Edelgard: Adrestian Emperor

Fire Emblem Heroes

Edelgard returns once more in her exclusive Emperor class armor, but with a weapon original to this game. With her armor, she’ll be very tough to take down, and will also pack quite a punch.

Men’s Division 1st Place – Dimitri: King of Faerghus

Fire Emblem Heroes

Dimitri is dressed in his Great Lord armor, and he’s an infantry lance like in his previous game incarnation. He’s a powerhouse with overwhelming offensive potential.

More details on the Choose Your Legends 4 units will be revealed in the usual New Hero trailer coming soon.


Free Summoning Event

Like in previous years, you’ll be able to choose one of the four CYL4 Heroes for free. That’s not all though – the New Hero Banner feature of summoning a focus Hero for free after forty summons has been powered up for this banner, and you can summon up to each of the focus Heroes once by summoning 160 times total.

Intelligent Systems also reminded players that Choose Your Legends 2 units will no longer be available as part of the free summoning event beginning on August 30, so players should immediately summon a character if they haven’t already.


Grand Hero Battle – Jorge: Traveling Peddler

Jorge, the traveling peddler whose shop players could frequent in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, is being added as a Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes, obtainable via his Grand Hero Battle. Jorge placed 12th in the Men’s Division, which was why he was chosen. While his brother Daniel also appears in his Special art, he is not a Duo Hero.


New Game Mode – Frontline Phalanx

Fire Emblem Heroes

A new game mode named Frontline Phalanx is being added to Fire Emblem Heroes in September, named Frontline Phalanx. The gist is that there are four Heroes who are fighting against an overwhelmingly larger force, and need the players’ reinforcements. By sending out reinforcements, players can help increase the multiplier of damage being dealt to the enemy forces, but there’s also a risk-and-reward mechanic where the more players send help, the more the attack is likely to fail.

Thankfully, you can use one of your three Guardian Shields earned via quest rewards to guarantee a success. By utilizing your friend list, you can coordinate when to use many Guardian Shields at once to use the Skjaldborg technique, which deals an extra multiplier of damage.


Other Updates


Fire Emblem Heroes

With the September update, units who were originally able to upgrade their stats via Dragonflowers can improve them even more. Infantry units who were originally able to upgrade their stats to 10 times will be able to 15 times total, while Heroes who could only upgrade them 5 times can now upgrade them 10 times.

Trait Changing and Trait Fruit

With the September update, you can also change Hero traits (their asset and flaws) by collecting 100 Trait Fruit. By doing so, you can change their stat distributions to whatever you may prefer. Usually, there are 1-2 recommended Traits for each Hero, so players can now get the most out of their Heroes with this feature.

Finally, you can watch the full Feh Channel below:

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android. If you missed it, the next Resplendent Hero is Eirika.

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