Fire Emblem Heroes’ Tempest Trials, New Summoning Focus, And Zephiel Event Live



Fire Emblem Heroes kicked off its 1.4 update yesterday with the addition of the tempest Trials event, a new Summoning Focus, and more. Today they’ve revived Zephiel’s Grand Hero Battle.


The Tempest Trial is a new feature that allows you to make teams to rack up points in order to get various rewards including “Masked Marth” at 4-star and 5-star versions. Players will have until June 22 to take on the Tempest Trials and its quests & missions.


Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials gives players a higher chance to roll some pretty high-end Heroes in Lucina, Nowi, Tharja, and Robin (male). Additionally, the Xenologue 2 has also been added under the Paralogues as part of the update.



As for the Grand Hero Battle Revival: Zephiel, it’ll be available until June 16 as another chance for those who weren’t able to meet or beat him last time. There are also limited-time special quests to go with it.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android. You can learn more about the Tempest Trials and how it works in our previous report, or here to check its latest patch notes.

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