Fire Emblem Heroes Update To Add New Weapons For Henry, Cordelia, And Rebecca


It’s that time of month again, and Fire Emblem Heroes has announced the latest update coming in early to mid-January. New weapons will be given to Henry, Cordelia, and Rebecca, and Leif gets a refine as well.

Here’s what the new weapons are called:

  • Cordelia: Knight Paragon – Cordelia’s Lance
  • Henry: Twisted Mind – Corvus Tome
  • Rebecca: Wildflower – Rebecca’s Bow

Leif: Prince of Leonster’s exclusive weapon is Light Brand, and this will gain a new effect upon refinement.

Alongside the new weapons, the Grail Shop is being updated with Cormag and Brunnya. Three new songs are being added to the Music Hall, being “Silesse Castle Town” (Geneology of the Holy War), “Young Warriors” (Path of Radiance), and “As Fierce as Fire” (Three Houses).

Finally, an issue with Igrene’s Guardian Bow description is being fixed, and as compensation, every player will be getting 10 free orbs.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

Alistair Wong
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