Fire Emblem Heroes Version Update Brings Convenient New Additions



Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its version 1.4.0 update soon that’ll bring the new Tempest Trials mode as well as some convenient additions and daily 2 Orbs bonus from June 8 through June 22, 2017.


The biggest part of the update is the new Tempest Trial mode, which you can read about in our previous report. As for other changes, Fire Emblem Heroes will let you create up to eight teams of allies, an increase from the current five. Additionally, you’ll get to choose a “Defensive Team” for Arena mode.


There will also be an “Accept All” button to claim all rewards of completed quests. You can check more info from the Merge Ally feature by checking the character status screen to see the number of times they’ve been merged.


New options include the “Double Tap to Wait” and “Auto-Battle Text” options. When Double Tap to Wait is set on off, double-tapping an ally will not make them wait. Select End Turn without performing an action to move to the next turn. If Auto-Battle Text is set to Auto-Advance, text in battles (including level ups) will advance automatically.


Maps that require certain conditions to be met for victory will now have their conditions displayed at the beginning of battle.


And finally, load times for Arena have been reduced. The amount of data transmitted during play is now lower, and other small improvements have been made.


Fire Emblem Heroes’ new update will be available starting with a 2 Orbs daily bonus on June 8 and will be available through June 22, 2017.

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