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Fire Emblem If Introduces Its Protagonist And Other Neutral Characters



Depending on which version of Fire Emblem If you choose to play, your allies and enemies will be different, but there are some characters that will be on your side regardless of which version you play. The official website shares details on the “neutral” characters of the game. (If you’re looking for your other characters, Black Kingdom can be found here, while White Kingdom is here.)



Unit: Dark Prince (Male), Dark Princess (Female)



The protagonist was born to a royal family of the White Kingdom, and was kidnapped by the Black Kingdom, Nohr, since as far back as he/she can remember. The protagonist was then raised as a member of Black Kingdom royalty.


Aqua (CV: Lynn):

Unit: Songstress



As a hostage of the protagonist’s town, she was kidnapped from the Black Kingdom by the White Kingdom, where she was raised. Since meeting the protagonist, she has decided to follow him regardless of which side he or she chooses. Aqua has the ability to sing songs with special powers.


Gunther (CV: Rokuro Naya):

Unit: Great Knight



Gunther has made a career out of his military services, and has been serving the Black Kingdom for years. He watches over the protagonist, sometimes harshly and other times warmly, as the caretaker.


Felicia (CV: Nozomi Sasaki):

Unit: Maid



Felicia is the protagonist’s personal maid who has been taking care of him/her since their time at the Black Kingdom. She’s admirable and hardworking, but also messes up a lot.


Joker (CV: Junichi Suwabe):

Unit: Butler



A butler who served the protagonist at the Black Kingdom. He’s clear-minded, adequate, and does everything from housework to chores, but he’s a little unfriendly towards everyone else besides the protagonist.


Suzukaze (CV: Daisuke Ono)

Unit: Ninja



Suzukaze is from a family to ninjas that has served the White Kingdom for generations. He doesn’t serve for any particular lord, and mainly serves as a ninja for the imperial castle. He’s polite and has a serious personality.


Silas (CV: Sho Okumura):

Unit: Cavalier



A young apprentice knight of the Black Kingdom, and also the protagonist’s childhood friend. He’s a caring friend and a good-natured young man. He can be a bit distrustful, but once he trusts someone, he’d sacrifice himself for the sake of that person if it came down to it.


Fire Emblem If will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. A Western release is scheduled for 2016.


Update: “Social Knight” is the Japanese term for Cavaliers. We’ve updated our post to reflect this.

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