We recently got a look and some details on Fire Emblem If’s neutral characters, Black Kingdom characters, and White Kingdom characters. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares some details on a few more characters from  both kingdoms.


Belka (Wyvern Rider): is a silver/blue-haired knight who serves under the Black Kingdom princess Camilla. Since Camilla likes “strong girls” she has taken a liking to Belka. She is voiced by Masumi Tazawa. She joins your party in Black Kingdom.


Luna (Mercenary): similar to Belka, Luna is a red-haired Mercenary who serves as a subordinate under princess Camilla. She hates to lose when it comes to just about anything, and she must always be first place at everything, otherwise she doesn’t feel quite right.Voiced by Saori Seto, Luna joins your party in Black Kingdom.


Nishiki (Mythological Fox): has the appearance of a fox-eared man. Nishiki is a “mythological fox spirit” who lives in the border of the White Kingdom. Following his father’s steps, he’s been gathering friends as the head of his tribe. Voiced by Yuuta Takahashi, Nishiki joins your forces in White Kingdom.


Kazahana (Samurai): in the White Kingdom, the light brown-haired Kazahana is known as the “Finger-Praying Samurai”. She is the princess Sakura’s personal loyal guard. Kazahana is voiced by Yayoi Sugaya and will join your party in White Kingdom.


Tsubaki (Pegasus Warrior): the fox-eyed redhead Tsubaki fights while mounted on his Pegasus. Based on his speech and behavior, he might seem like an easy-going person, but he’s actually very hard on himself. He’s voiced by Takamasa Mogi, and will join you in White Kingdom.


Fire Emblem If will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS and in 2016 for the West.

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