Fire Emblem If is taking a cue from Pokémon and in Japan there will be multiple versions of the strategy RPG. After chapter six, the story for the two games diverge.


Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom has a more complicated storyline and gameplay. Players will have to deal with limited resources as they try to revolutionize the unruly Nohr kingdom from the inside. These screenshots are from Black Kingdom.


fireifb-02 fireifb-03fireifb-07 fireifb-06 fireifb-05 fireifb-04


Fire Emblem If: White Kingdom is a more traditional Fire Emblem game where you side with the Hoshido and players will be able to obtain experience points plus money outside of the core story. Here are some screenshots from White Kingdom.


fireifw-03 fireifw-02 fireifw-07 fireifw-06 fireifw-05 fireifw-04


Fire Emblem If comes out on June 25 in Japan and is slated for release in 2016 in the West.

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