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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Features Battles Of Many vs Many, And Has A Unique Class System


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Aside from the protagonist and the leaders of the three houses at the Officer’s Academy, Famitsu took a look at more battle screenshots, as well as how changing classes works in this game, and some class examples.


Battle part

This game is turn-based, like the rest of the series, and players will have to move each unit one by one.  As the game features the return of a time rewind system, it’s quite easy for beginners as well.


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While the Fire Emblem series is known for its themes of large-scale warfare, battles have mostly always been a 1v1 procedure. In this game, battles of “many vs many” are depicted, with soldiers rushing in alongside the aces in battles. It seems there will also be a unique battle system regarding this feature, which will be revealed later on.


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Terrain Effects

There are various map tiles that exist in battle maps, including ones that increases defense and dodge rates, healing tiles, and even warp tiles that teleport when stepped upon.

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Sky-Rending Pulse

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A returning feature from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, this feature essentially allows players to turn back the clock on unit actions down to the individual unit, which cuts back on the need to save and reload if you accidentally let an ally die permanently. Its uses are limited some manner.



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Fire Emblem: Three Houses will offer players either Normal or Hard difficulty, with Hard being for veterans of the series. The screen will then take you to a choice between Classic Mode, where units that die are dead permanently, and Casual Mode, where units can die but revive when the map is over.


Class Changing

Class changing in this game is quite different, as you don’t return to Lv. 1 upon class changing, nor change what weaponry can be used. Once you take the exam, you can freely change to that class, which is a feature of this game’s system.


Officer’s Academy part

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Mercedes, Petra, Ignace, Raphael, Sylvain, Caspar


In the Officer’s Academy part, players will be able to roam freely within the Officer’s Academy, and get to know their students and improve their stats along the way. These include conversations and even dialogue choices that might affect how much they trust their teacher.


Players will get to help improve these students by improving their skill levels for instance, and Famitsu also hints that Supports are making a return, related to this new  system.


Proficiency levels

fe3h 74 fe3h 75

fe3h 76 fe3h 77

In order to become certain Classes (unit types) which can use different weapons and skills, the students will need to fulfill certain proficiency requirements in order to do so. These include weapon proficiencies, and more. Each student has their own subjects they excel in or are bad at.


Here are some examples:

  • Swordfighting
  • Lance fighting
  • Axe fighting
  • Bow fighting
  • Physics (Black magic and Dark magic)
  • Faith (White magic)
  • Flying
  • Armored
  • Horseriding


Promotion Exams

fe3h 83

fe3h 84 fe3h 85

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In order to earn the right to change to other classes, students must pass exams to prove they are worthy of the Class. Exam Passes are needed to take the exam, and the higher the proficiencies of the skills required for that class, the higher the class of success. Once again, it’s important to note know units that pass are able to swap freely back and forth as long as they passed once.




fe3h 89 fe3h 90

A regular Fodlan citizen, who come from all walks of life. They are able to use some magic.


The protagonist, as well as most students, start as this Class, and have to be at least Lv. 5 or above with a spare Exam Pass in order to class change.



fe3h 91 fe3h 92

fe3h 93



fe3h 94

Sword specialists with quick movements and strikes, and the speed to avoid enemy attacks.

Uses: Swords



fe3h 95

A lance specialist, with a higher chance of striking accurately thanks to their wieldy weapons.

Uses: Lances



fe3h 96

A wielder of axes, bows, and gauntlets. Fighters are known for their strength, which they use to strike powerful blows.



fe3h 97

A person who heals others and also fights with magic. One of the magic-wielding classes.

Uses: Black, dark, white magic


Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019.

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