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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces Jeralt’s Self-Proclaimed Right-Hand Man, Alois


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    With the introduction to the students over, today the Fire Emblem official Twitter introduced Alois, a Knight of Seiros and one of the knights who used to be led by the protagonist’s father, Jeralt.


    Alois (CV: Manabu Sakamaki)

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    “Considering the legendary leader of the Knights returning, it’s no wonder everyone’s interested in you!”

    A Knight of Seiros, who used to work as Jeralt’s subordinate, and thus respects him a great deal. He’s the one who recommended the protagonist to Rhea to become a teacher, after the protagonist saves the house leaders from the bandits. He’s a cheerful fellow who likes to tell jokes, although the jokes themselves aren’t that funny.


    Check out this video of Alois’ introduction below:

    “Like I thought, it was you after all, Jeralt! Whoaaa!! It’s been so long!! Do you remember me?! I’m your self-proclaimed ‘right-hand man’, Alois!!”


    Check out the previous character introductions for Sothis, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Jeralt, Rhea, Hubert, Dudou, Lorenz, Manuela, Dorothea, Felix, Hilda, Hanneman, Ferdinand, Mercedes, Raphael, Bernadetta, Ashe, Reaper Knight and Flame Emperor, Lysithea, Caspar, Annette, Ignatz, Petra, Sylvain, Marianne and Catherine, Linhardt, Ingrid, Thales, Solon, and Cronje.


    Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. You can read more about the War Chapter and scouting students here, and Combat Arts and promoted classes here.

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