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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces War Chapter Gameplay, Scouting Students, And… Tea Time


war chapter 57

Since E3, we’ve gotten a look at the War Chapter that forms the second half of the game, but this week’s Famitsu blowout gives us a look at how things will change at Garreg Mach Monastery, how some of the previously introduced characters look 5 years later, scouting characters from other houses, and… tea time with students.


War Chapter

war chapter 1


While you make the choice of which house to teach in the first half, the second half will diverge greatly depending on your choice. It seems that former students from other houses will appear as enemies as well.

That said, gameplay will still maintain its basic structure in the War Chapter (albeit with higher stakes). You’ll train during the regular days, participate in free time activities on the weekend, and prepare for the large scale battle at the end of the month which will complete the chapter.

Some of the options will receive a name change, such as a change from ‘Personal Tutoring’ to ‘Personal Training’; ‘Faculty Training’ will also be upgraded to ‘Advanced Training’, where anybody with a skill level higher than yours, no matter if student or faculty, can train you in that skill.


Here’s a look at some characters we’ve introduced previously, five years later:


war chapter 2



war chapter 3



war chapter 4



war chapter 5



war chapter 6



war chapter 7



war chapter 8


Crawlers of the Night

While previously we introduced two villains in the form of the Flame Emperor and Reaper Knight, War Chapter will introduce a new faction that opposes the Officer’s Academy and Garreg Mach Monastery, a mysterious group named ‘Crawlers of the Night’. Their purposes are unknown.



war chapter 9

war chapter 10


The central figure of the Crawlers of the Night, and the leader of Solon and Cronje. They have appeared in Fodlan to execute their plan.



war chapter 11

war chapter 12

A figure who seems like a mage of some sort. Just like he appears, he uses schemes and spells cunningly. He’s a dangerous person.



war chapter 13

war chapter 14

One of the Crawlers of the Night, and although she looks to be a happy young woman, she acts and speaks like a child, and has a ruthless personality.


Scouting Students

war chapter 15

war chapter 16 war chapter 17

war chapter 18 war chapter 19

war chapter 20

war chapter 21 war chapter 22

war chapter 23 war chapter 24

During the Academy Chapter, while you are in charge of raising the students of the house you chose, when you fulfill certain requirements you are able to scout students from other houses. In order to do so, the protagonist must exceed in certain skills and stat requirements. Furthermore, the house leaders and certain other students are not scoutable. Students scouted into your chosen house during the Academy Chapter will stay as allies during the War Chapter.


war chapter 27

war chapter 32

If you fail, you will be shown what skills you are lacking in in order to scout that character. Train up and try again!



war chapter 33 war chapter 34

war chapter 35

Among the list of items are presents that can be gifted to students. This will raise your support level with that student, and increase motivation if they are of the same house. Try to remember who likes what!


war chapter 39

You can obtain presents by buying them at the market, growing flowers, or just picked up while taking a stroll around campus. One such example are the Messenger Owl Feathers that all characters like… Wait, Messenger Owl Feathers? Could it be Feh from Fire Emblem Heroes?


Lost Objects

war chapter 40

war chapter 44

During your walks, you may happen upon lost objects dropped by some student. If you are able to return it to its owner, you will increase your support level with them. This will test whether you remember about their interests, likes, and more.

For example, you pick up a book about art, and by deducing that it belongs to Ignatz from his interest in art, he’ll take it back and your relationship will improve.


Tea Party

war chapter 50

war chapter 51

war chapter 53

war chapter 64

war chapter 54

war chapter 68

war chapter 57

war chapter 70

During weekend free time, or if it happens to be a particular character’s birthday, you are able to invite them to a tea party. Pick a tea, and liven up the conversation with topics the student would like. Unlike usual conversation choices, this one is timed, but don’t worry- support points won’t go down even if you fail.


war chapter 58 war chapter 60

war chapter 71 war chapter 73

After tea time, you have some free time to give them a gift, or just take a closer look at them.


Finally, here is a look at some of the character’s Crests and Personal Skills:


Personal skill: Likes to Fight – Adjacent enemy evade reduced by –10



Personal skill: Doze off – If turn ended without taking any action, regains 10% of max HP

Crest: Minor Crest of Cethlenn



Personal skill: Hunter’s law – When enemy HP is below 50%, gains Critical +20



Personal skill: Hard worker – If unit uses Rally command on allies, Strength +4

Crest: Minor Crest of Dominique – one of the 10 Great Heroes of Fodlan



Personal skill: Ladies’ Man – When adjacent to female ally, damage dealt to enemies +2, received damage from enemies –2.

Crest: Minor Crest of Gautier – one of the 10 Great Heroes of Fodlan



Personal skill: Female Knight – Gambit Strength +3, Gambit Accuracy +5

Crest: Minor Crest of Daphnel – one of the 10 Great Heroes of Fodlan



Personal Skill: Observation – Accuracy +20



Personal Skill: Animal Lover – When adjacent to horse or flying mounted ally, HP restored by 20% of max at beginning of turn.

Crest: Minor Crest of ??? – While uncertain, it seems she has a Crest.



Personal Skill: Hates to Lose – When adjacent to male ally, damage dealt to enemy +2, damage received from enemy –2.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019.

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