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Fire Emblem Warrior’s Celica And Lyn May Be Worth The Effort For Fans


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In Fire Emblem Warriors, a few of the characters are technically “secret” members of the roster. Oh sure, we all know that Celica and Lyn are both in the game. But they are not part of the campaign. Each one of them is stowed away in the History mode. If you want to use them, you really have to go above and beyond to work for them. While it is nice they are there, how useful they will be to a person may vary due to the way they play.


Of the two, Lyn is the character you will probably acquire first. She is a sword-bearing unit who first arrives as a level one Lord, but can eventually become a Blade Lord. You can start working on adding her to your roster once the Noble Lady of Caelin History map appears. This is the same map where you can get the scroll for her signature weapon, Sol Katti, when getting a S-rank grade on the level 61 Timed Attack mission. Her highest stats tend to be skill and speed, but her strength is pretty good as well. Plus, she has a rather handy Pass Crest Skill that keeps enemy attacks from slowing her down or stopping her when she’s moving on the map, something that can be quite helpful if you are trying to defeat as many enemies as possible or complete an objective in a certain amount of time.


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Of these two characters, Lyn might be the most helpful. If you remember her Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade appearance, you will find her character here is somewhat similar. She essentially plays like a Myrmidon or Swordmaster. She is the only character in the roster with the attacks and combos she has, and you can really put her to good use when it comes time to taking care of a large group of opponents. Once I had unlocked her, I found her to be one of my most useful sword-wielding characters. While I used Lianna because I had to and since her Live to Serve skill was handy and Xander for his Aegis skill and speedy horseback ability, Lyn became my default on-foot sword bearer.


Celica is a sword-bearing warrior that starts out as a Priestess and becomes a Princess after a Master Seal is applied. She’s found in History mode, just like Lyn, and arrives at level one after you defeat a battle on the fifth map, Together to the End. That is the same map where you can get the Ladyblade Scroll for earning an S-rank during the level 60 Targeted Elimination challenge. She is an incredibly balanced warrior. By which I mean, all of her stats will be about the same the entire time. She doesn’t excel in any particular area, but then she doesn’t falter either. Her unique Crest Skill is Luck +20, which increases the unit’s luck stat by 20 points.


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She is something of a disappointment. Celica looks great. It is fantastic that she made it in and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has a History map dedicated to it. But, she is also a clone of Marth. She has a unique special move and Awakening Mode, but her combos are identical to his. This means some may find Marth the more effective of the two, since he tends to have higher skill and speed. Especially since, by the time Celica is acquired, people have had plenty of time to get Marth up to a much higher level.


It is great that we get to have Celica and Lyn in Fire Emblem Warriors. I mean, any opportunity to have other installments in the series represented in this title is fantastic. But whether or not people will use these two varies. Fans will likely appreciate and try both. But for those going for the sake of practicality and uniqueness, Lyn will probably be the more useful of the two. Celica is basically a more balanced Marth, which isn’t something you really need by the time you finally add her to your roster.


Fire Emblem Warriors is available for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS.

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