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Fire Emblem Warriors’ Version 1.5.0 Update Adds A Video Capture On Nintendo Switch, And More


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Apart from the Awakening Pack DLC, Fire Emblem Warriors is adding several new things in the Version 1.5.0 update that will also be available from March 29, 2018, such as a video capture function on the Nintendo Switch version, and an intriguing new “Tactician’s Blessing”.


Here are the full details:

Character Level Cap Increase:

Characters can level up to Lv. 150 from the previous Lv. 130 cap.


Weapon Attributes:

A new “Divine Vessel” attribute will be added to random drops after the upgrade, which increase weapon strength to that of legendary weapons, and also cancel out the demerits of Effective weapon attributes.



  • Speed Blessing/ Luck Blessing: Increases the particular stat for deployed characters.
  • Healing Blessing: Deployed characters’ HP refills over time naturally.
  • Caravan Blessing: The number of materials dropped will increase.
  • Blacksmith’s Blessing: The number of weapon drops, as well as the level, quality, and attribute slots will increase.
  • Normal Material Blessing: Normal materials will drop more easily.


The following Blessings have been added to increase replayability.

  • Infinal Blessing: All enemy levels are set to Lv. 150 if this Blessing is cast.


  • Tactician’s Blessing: While under the effect of this Blessing, the currently used character becomes unable to deal damage at all. However, NPCs become more effective in battle, making it a Tactician Mode where the battle needs to be cleared with just orders.


Level Reset:

The chosen character can be reset to Lv. 1 by using the appropriate materials.



  • The Nintendo Switch version is now capable of using the Video Capture function.
  • You are now able to choose to instantly cast the same Blessing as the previous battle from a new menu option in Battle Preparations.
  • UI Improvements
  • General bug fixes


Fire Emblem Warriors is available for Nintendo Switch.

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