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First Look At Puzzle & Dragons Z Teaches Players How To Drop For Massive Damage



Puzzle & Dragons Z is a puzzler RPG mash-up, where your goal is to collect as many monsters possible to become the Dragon Master, by participating in puzzle battles. GungHo Online Entertainment explains the basic rules and tactics for the 3DS version of their massively successful smart phone title.


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The main goal of Puzzle & Dragons Z is to connect ‘Drops’ on the bottom screen, by using your stylus and moving them around, and it will result in characters on the RPG-style top screen do attacks. Aligning three Drops will eliminate them and activate monsters with that color in your party.



Drops have their own elemental attributes. Whenever you connect three, your corresponding monster with the same attribute will attack enemies. Furthermore, if you can manage to connect five of the same Drops, it will result in your monster attacking all of the enemies on the screen.


Performing lengthy combos is the key to doing massive damage. Pulling off multiple five Drop combos will be a tough feat, but is also a great way to wipe out all enemies at once.



Puzzle & Dragons Z is slated to be released this Winter in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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