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A First Look At Dragon Quest Heroes’ Gameplay Footage



Earlier today, we got a look at some of the key characters for Dragon Quest Heroes, an upcoming Dragon Quest action title. Square Enix have now provided a first look at some gameplay footage during Tokyo Game Show 2014. (Thanks, Game Kana)


The video starts out with the hero Acht and some of his buddies taking out small-fry enemies along with the Dragon boss that has been around since the first Dragon Quest. Acht uses some attacks that have been staple moves throughout the series as well.


The commentators mention that the boss is weak on his tail and face, so it seems like you won’t always be able to mash away through all your fights. There are also jumping actions, so there will likely be bosses later on with weak spots that are hard to reach without jumping.


Once they take out the dragon, they face a second wave of Golems, Dracky, Slimes, and all kinds of familiar monsters from Dragon Quest. These monsters seem to keep appearing out of nowhere, and this is where skills and magic gets put to good use.


However, keep in mind that there’s MP, so you won’t be able to Frizz and Bang your way out of these hairy situations. Instead, you can do what the player does at 3:40 when he goes into Tension mode.


The bottom-left shows a Tension gauge, which lets you go into “Super High Tension” mode once it reaches 100%. While in this mode, your speed increases and you can use special moves, like Gigaslash, which wiped out the entire field of enemies.


Dragon Quest Heroes is slated for release in Japan in spring 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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