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The First Neptunia Game For PlayStation 5 Has Been Revealed by Compile Heart

Neptunia PS5

Compile Heart has revealed the first Neptunia game for PlayStation 5, titled Go! Go! 5D Game: Neptune re★Verse in Japan. The announcement—teased yesterday—was made on the 10th anniversary day of the series.

The Neptunia series traces its roots back to Hyperdimension Neptunia, an RPG that was first released for PlayStation 3 in Japan on August 19, 2010. Since then, Compile Heart has made numerous sequels and spin-offs featuring the four goddesses who act as the series’ main characters: Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert. The latest game of the series in current-gen platforms is Neptunia Virtual Stars for PlayStation 4, which is already released in Japan and will be coming to the West next year. Compile Heart’s president Norihisa Kochiwa also revealed that there are numerous projects being worked on other than the Neptunia PS5 game.

Compile Heart has put up a Neptunia 10th Anniversary page on its Japanese official website, which includes a reel of past series titles and congratulatory messages from voice actresses, illustrators, and representatives from other companies that had previously collaborated with Neptunia. The third official character poll will also be held soon, as the first two polls were held in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Idea Factory International will also hold an English digital event to celebrate the anniversary later today at 10 AM PT.

Go! Go! 5D Game: Neptune re★Verse is the first Neptunia game coming to the PS5. A release window has yet to be given. More details about the game will be published this September.

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