First-Person RPG 7 Mages Offers Combat Magic, Elemental Magic, & Musical Magic



The varied heroes of first person RPG 7 Mages draw from different magical schools, each using their own array of combat, elemental, and musical spells to use on their enemies.




7 Mages, now out of Early Access and fully released on Steam, pits players against groups of monsters using their seven available mages. The group can be split up to engage multiple enemies in different areas in the turn-based combat, with each character using their own spell set that’s drawn from sixty different spells.




In a story inspired by Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, the oppressed peasants of Roven Island hire the heroes of 7 Mages with the last of their money, hoping these heroes will beat back the magical prospectors that have been robbing them of their harvest. To fully defeat them, players will journey through mountains, forests, and crypts, even moving into the depths of the ocean and into the guts of a dead dragon.

Alistair Wong
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