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First Solo Project From The Art Director Of PixelJunk Eden Might Break Your Heart



Kyoto-based developer Baiyon recently announced his upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita “love adventure” MUSE: Together Is the New Alone.


Baiyon was previously the art and music director on PixelJunk Eden and also contributed LittleBigPlanet 2. MUSE sees him playing the role of sole director for the first time. Meanwhile, Pygmy Studio will publish the game, having recently ported Nigoro’s hardcore adventure La-Mulana EX to PS Vita.


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“A young girl lays in a never-ending slumber… One day, a boy finds notes and paintings belonging to the sleeping girl. Guided by these tokens he sets off on an adventure in the hopes of awakening her once again,” reads MUSE’s description.


Baiyon says that MUSE is based on the theme “unrequited love.” It follows the young boy’s surreal and solitary journey through a world shaped by colors and inspired by ‘90s Japanese adventure games. Bringing it all to life is an art style that blends pixel art with water color paintings, while the electronic music focuses on melancholic chimes.


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The journey will involve discovering new environments, solving colorful puzzles, and meeting the “eclectic creatures occupying this psychedelic world.” You can keep an eye on MUSE’s development over on its website.

Chris Priestman