First Western Blade & Soul Tournament Starts February 7th



ESL (Electronic Sports League) has announced the first western tournament for the newly launched MMORPG Blade & Soul (thanks 2P).


Starting February 7th, the ESL will host the first Blade & Soul 1on1 Community Cup. “It will be a single-elimination cup, with best of 3 games, where each spar match corresponds to 1 game,” the ESL explains.


Anyone who has a Blade & Soul character of level 15 or above will be able to participate. And as the game uses a cross-server system there will be no server restrictions – you can be in any server.


The only thing you will need to do if you want to join in is registers your in-game character name on your ESL account. If you’re in North America you should sign-up here. While those in Europe should sign-up here.


The prizes for first, second, and third place (apart from all the glory) are three months of ESL Premium, then two months, then one month, respectively. ESL Premium lets you play exclusive tournaments, access pro tournaments, participate in raffles, earn achievements, and get more stats and info about your ESL career.

Chris Priestman