Fish With Lasers Take On Battleships In Neo Aquarium 2



Japanese indie studio Nussoft recently released a new trailer for its upcoming third-person shooter Neo Aquarium 2: Ace of Seafood. It shows off its fast-paced combat between fish with lasers, bigger fish, mutant crabs, and the battleships that they sink during their underwater wars.


Just in case you aren’t familiar with Neo Aquarium’s world, here’s a quick recap: it started off in “dimensionally linked” aquariums that promote the evolution of organisms. Soon, the crustaceans, fish, and other underwater organisms started to fight and, somehow, mutate. This sequel expands upon the chaos that this premise inspired in the original game.


What Neo Aquarium 2 has that the first game doesn’t (still available here) is faster pace, a better presentation, deformable terrain, and more diverse play styles. Whereas the first game focused on barnacles and crustaceans, this sequel features jet-powered fish that whip through the water spewing out colorful lasers from their mouths.


There are also mini-games in Neo Aquarium 2, one of which involves scraping barnacles off of sea rocks and putting them in a bucket. Whether there’s anything more to this mini-game than that is yet to be seen; perhaps it’s meant as a soothing retreat from the madness underwater.


The first game had a single player story mode as well as multiplayer versus modes, so it seems likely the sequel will, too.


If you’re really eager to play Neo Aquarium 2, it seems that you won’t have too much longer to wait now – it’s been in development for almost two years at this point. You can still play an alpha version of the game in your browser, but do bear in mind that the build is over a year old now.


Neo Aquarium 2: Ace of Seafood will be coming to PC and Android. You can follow its progress on the official website.

Chris Priestman