Fisher-Price Xbox Controller Mod Works With Elden Ring

Fisher Price Xbox Controller

It’s no surprise that toy maker Fisher-Price, long known for “baby’s first” toys designed for young children, has a number of items patterned after video game paraphernalia. The actual surprise is that some of those products can be made to play actual video games. Twitch streamer Dylan Beck (known as “Rudeism”) modified a Fisher-Price gamepad into a functional Xbox controller, using it to play Elden Ring on a PC.

Rudeism was inspired by a joke from tipster Wario64 highlighting a deal for the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller. Wario64 remarked that the toy, which does not contain any actual game-related functionality out of the box, was “perfect for Elden Ring.”

Rudeism took this as a challenge. Over the course of two weeks, he bought and modified the Fisher-Price toy into a functional Xbox controller. It uses a clone of an Arduino Pro Microcontroller, with inputs from each of the toy’s buttons hooked up to switches. The toy’s “joystick” was replaced with an actual two-axis joystick, as well. The buttons are mapped to something approximating the actual inputs available on a standard Xbox controller, though the toy’s differences necessitated some compromises. For example, since the toy doesn’t have a second analog stick, the music/numbers toggle switch changes the functionality of the existing joystick’s input. The toggle also controls access to the Start, Select, and Guide buttons.

The Fisher-Price Xbox Controller also retains the original toy’s gimmicks, including the playing of sounds, lights and music. It takes power from a cable, since Rudeism had to remove the original’s battery mounts to make space for the microcontroller.

Check out Rudeism demonstrating the completed project on Elden Ring below.

Rudeism is no stranger to gaming stunts and unusual control schemes. His Youtube and Twitch channels feature feats like using a single-button controller to beat Dark Souls III, and rigging up a motion controlled lightsaber to beat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Rudeism said he plans to use the Fisher Price Xbox controller to play some Elden Ring eventually, as well.

Josh Tolentino
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