Flatulent Superhero Amazing Frog? Bounces Onto Steam Greenlight



If you liked Goat Simulator, it’s time for you to meet The Amazing Frog?. It’s a bonkers sandbox game in which you play a frog that farts, leaps, dresses up, and generally causes chaos around the UK town of Swindon, which is where its creators live.


The Amazing Frog? was originally released on Ouya—you know, that micro-console—back in 2012, but now it’s making its way over to PC. Hence, Amazing Frog? is now up on Greenlight so that it may one day be released on Steam, and it’s being remastered with a bigger world to fling your amphibian body around.


Of course, a game as silly as Amazing Frog? isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, much like Goat Simulator. But there’s no denying that you can have plenty of ridiculous fun with it s nonsensical sandbox full of toys. It also supports split-screen play for up to four players. so you can quadruple the madness with friends.


Here are some of the things you can do in Amazing Frog?: Shoot yourself out of cannons, dive off buildings, get hyper on the bouncy castle and try to reach the Blimp, play with traffic, fight for the crown, race moon buggies (yes, on the moon), collect TVs together, find cats, try to destroy everything you see.


As in Goat Simulator, there are also missions that you can attempt to complete, but the most fun is probably found when you make it for yourself.


If you’d like to see more sandbox silliness on PC then head on over to Amazing Frog?’s Greenlight page and give it an upvote.

Chris Priestman