After the player finds themselves mysteriously transported to Terra, and under the watchful eye of a Mage-Knight who’s curious why a strange power is emanating from the protagonist, players will be free to get a little closer to the varied heroines of visual novel Crystalline.


Players will be able to flirt with various women throughout their time in this comedic visual novel. They can get closer to Leanna, a newly-appointed mage-knight who carries herself with grace, but still shows some youthful enthusiasm and clumsiness despite her position. They can also try to find some private time with Amelia, a quite, but powerful mage, or delve deeper into the past of Kara, the charming and upbeat treasure hunter.

Players will get to see these women react to the various decisions they make in real time, with the developers touting a realistic series of reactions and body movements through their animation. Through it, they hope to increase immersion through accurate body language, making players feel they are flirting with real-looking people.


Players wishing to create a few romantic ties in a fantasy world of magic and slime buddies can grab Crystalline on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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