How To Fool A Liar King Navigates Politics Between Cat People & Untrustworthy Monarchs


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How to Fool a Liar King drops Regina, the protagonist, in another kingdom, leaving her to fend for herself when she gets caught up in a journey with an untrustworthy monarch.



How to Fool a Liar King, sequel to How to Take Off Your Mask, puts players in a world where two kingdoms are having difficult relations. Eroolia, the kingdom of humans, can’t seem to get along with Laarz, the kingdom of the cat people. Meanwhile, Regina is from a country outside of Eroolia, Ozzwa, which is known for its martial arts, but somehow finds herself magically transported to Eroolia.

Stuck there, she ends up following Juli, ruler of Eroolia, on his journey to talk with the cat people. Along the way, she’ll observe Juli’s slippery nature in his interactions with her and other people, and players will have to decide if they can trust the man or not, developing a relationship with him over the course of their travels together. While exploring that possible relationship, players may also find the reason why they suddenly appeared in a different country.




How to Fool a Liar King is available now on Steam, and there is also a demo on the Steam page for players who wish to try the game before purchasing it.

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