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Final Fantasy XV Footage Shows A Dangerous Dungeon, Customizable Magic System



A lot of new gameplay from Final Fantasy XV was featured during a panel at this year’s PAX West in Seattle, Washington.


You can watch the whole recording from the panel in the video below. The gameplay starts at about the 24:30 mark.



The gameplay begins with Noctis and company driving to the Balouve Mines, a dangerous sidequest dungeon you can enter at any point during the game. Goblins found inside the mine are quite crafty and will steal potions from you. If brought to low health for long enough, they may even use the stolen potions to heal themselves, rendering you unable to get the items back.


Additionally, the driving system in the game has been improved upon. Now, you will be able to even drive on the incorrect side of the road and crash into things, causing physical damage to the car.


The footage also gives us a look at Final Fantasy XV’s magic crafting system, which will let you mix and match elemental spells such as fire, ice, and thunder to create more spells. In addition, you can even add potions to these spells, imbuing the spell with an additional heal effect.


Next, we get a look at more Chocobo racing and then a fight with a magitek armor inside a Niflheim base.


Final Fantasy XV will release worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29th, 2016.