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Footage Gives A Look At Unreleased Silent Hill Game Made For PlayStation 3


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Back in 2006, Climax Los Angeles pitched an entry for the Silent Hill franchise that would be exclusive to the PlayStation 3. [Thanks to Andrew for the tip.]


Created with early iterations of Unreal Engine 3, the game’s story focused on a southwestern town in Arizona that was being corrupted by memories of Silent Hill’s past. This would include buildings from different time periods materializing out of nowhere, sometimes rising up out of the ground or shimmering into view like a mirage.


The main character would have been Father Hector Santos, a priest from El Paso, Texas who is able to perform “holy rites and rituals.” Water would have been an important element in the game and would have been used by Father Santos to purify areas.


Being pitched as a Silent Hill title, the game would have featured familiar recurring monsters such as Demon Nurses, Miners, Mumblers, and even Pyramid Head. However, after Climax did not get the confirmation from Konami to continue with the PlayStation 3 project, they tweaked the story slightly and renamed it Broken Covenant, which they planned to release in an episodic format. Despite this, the lack of interest from game publishers resulted in work on the title to be ceased completely.


The below video features Silent Hill PS3/Broken Covenant’s lost pitch, with the gameplay reusing assets from Climax’s Silent Hill: Origins for the PlayStation Portable.