Footbrawl Is Rocket League With Fist Fights




Ragdoll physics, impromptu weapons, and faceless hooligans add a little chaos to soccer in Footbrawl, a ridiculous game that mixes brawling with the sport.




Born from one of the developer’s friends saying “Fifa is boring! Why can’t I beat up people?”, Footbrawl will let players kick the ball as well as the other players. Getting the ball in the net is worth points for your team, but you can stop the other player’s progress with a quick punch to the face. There are no rules to the game, so there are no penalties for playing rough.




The ragdoll physics will have players crumpling under blows, flopping over the fences, and looking goofy in general as the fight for the ball devolves into just a fight. Players can also grab onto each other to really dig those punches in.




Footbrawl is still early in development, but prospective future violent footballers can sign up for updates from the developer’s newsletter.

Alistair Wong
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