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For A Secret Base, Ninja Box’s Secret Bases Can Be Surprisingly Gaudy


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Bandai Namco has released new information on Ninja Box, focusing on decorating your secret base, as well as introductions to Tatezou and the titular Ninja Box. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


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One of the major features of Ninja Box is how you can build your secret base just how you want it. That includes making them really tall and visible (despite being a secret), and also furnishing rooms with carpets, furniture, and more.


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If you want to make a secret base in the sky that’s connected by a massive amount of ladders leading up to it, that’s possible too.


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In order to get the materials needed to build parts and traps, you’ll explore Oshina Town, where Hiroto lives. More info on how this is done will be revealed later on.




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The Elder Ninja of Tatemakuri Village, which was known for its ninjutsu in the past. Many ninja have since left the village, and it is in danger of disappearing for good. You’d think there’s a good reason for why he looks like a dog… but apparently he became a dog using ninjutsu and got stuck that way.


Ninja Box

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A legendary tool from Tatemakuri Village, used by the ninjas to build Secret Bases. It can make anything as long as it has the blueprints and materials for it. It’s got high security, and can only be used by registered users. It seems that the reason baddies will attack the base is to try obtain Ninja Box.


Ninja Box releases for the Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2019. Check out the first trailer here.

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