Nintendo 3DS

For The Glory Of Sa— Wait, Kumamon! Not Here!


Medabots developer Rocket Company are working on a new game called Kumamon Bomber: Puzzle de Kumamon Gymnastics for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s based off Japan’s most popular prefectural  mascot, Kumamon from the Kumamoto Prefecture. While in Japan he’s shot to fame as a really cute mascot, in the West… well…



The game is relatively simple, being a Bejeweled clone where Kumamon and the player are traveling throughout Japan, experiencing its sights, sounds and festivals. The goal, apparently, is to help enliven and bring energy back to all 47 prefectures of Japan.


There are also interesting tidbits about the foods from various places as well, so it seems such as the above shot of a croquette with another entry on ramen just above it.


Kumamon Bomber: Puzzle de Kumamon Gymnastics will be out on Nintendo 3DS March 13th 2014.