For The Mascot Contest Win, Nippon Ichi Might Blow Up A Real Prinny After All


prinny campaign 4

Since we last reported on Prinny’s second attempt at Japan’s mascot Grand Prix in the corporate mascot character, Prinny hasn’t been doing so well… With just a bit more than a month left for voting, it’s dropped down to 107th place, even worse than last time!

Seeing this, Nippon Ichi has changed up the rewards, and have decided that if they get 1st place, they will blow up a real Prinny after all… and even more.


Check out the new rewards below, which are accumulative, by the way:

prinny campaign 5


95th place or above: Prinny icons and headers for social media use, dood!

80th place or above: A Disgaea series theme and avatar set, dood!

60th place or above: Prinny and Prinny 2 100 yen sale, dood!

50th place or above: Disgaea series animated stamps, dood!

40th place or above: A completely-new, exclusive Prinny wallpaper, dood!

30th place or above: A new Prinny theme and avatar set, free for a limited time, dood!

20th place or above: Prinny mountain climbing challenge, dood!

10th place or above: A Prinny livestream, dood!

1st place or above: Nippon Ichi will blow up a live Prinny after all. Also, Flonne will work at Nippon Ichi for a day. Also, sexy photos of Etna.


Voting can be done once per day at this site, though you’ll need to make an account to do so. The voting period ends on November 9, 2018 at 6pm JST.

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