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Forbidden Magna Details The Different Spirit Girl Abilities




In Forbidden Magna, the RPG’s Spirit girls can learn all kinds of new skills and acquire more as you increase your relationship stats with them at the inn. Here are a few more details about the skills and how they’re used in combat.


There are skills and special attacks called “Magna” that can be used in battle. Skills consume Action Points to pull off a powerful move. These can also be changed by equipping a “Skill Chip” on the weapon. Skill Chips can be purchased at shops or made through item synthesis. There are two types, with some that can be equipped on all kinds of different weapons, and another that can only be used for the weapons of specific Spirit girls.


Magnas, on the other hand, are special attacks that depend on the bond between the Spirit Girls and the protagonist Lux. After taking enemies out in combat, your Tension meter will increase, which can then be used to perform a Magna attack.


Here’s a look at some of the skills that can be placed on any weapon:


007 008

Heat Cluster and Ice Shield.

009 010

Cloud Solas and Mete-All.


Next is a look at skills that can only be used on the weapons of certain Spirit girls:


011 012

Charlotte’s support skill and Beatrice’s mass arrow rain AoE skill.


013 014

Diana’s powerful spear attack and Adelheid’s defense buffing ability.


Finally, here’s a glimpse of some powerful Magna attacks:


015 016

017 018


Forbidden Magna will be released in Japan on October 2, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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