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Forbidden Magna Introduces A Couple Of New Spirit Girls And Friends



Forbidden Magna is an upcoming strategy RPG by Marvelous AQL that is kind of like a Valkyria Chronicles-meets-Harvest Moon with a side of a hotel-simulator. Here’s a look at a couple of them.




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Adelheid, the eldest sister of the lost spirits, first appears before the protagonist Lux as an enemy. She is considered to be the perfect weapon in battle, and admired by all the other spirits. For this reason, she has quite the confidence.




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Francesca first shows up alongside Adelheid. Her body is well-trained, but she’s the type of girl who dives in headfirst without giving much thought before doing so.





Bart is Lux’s buddy, who is reliable but also a bad influence at the same time. He’s an always-optimistic young man who often hangs out at the inn, and actually makes a good duo with Lux, who is usually more on the serious side.


Lux actually makes money for the inn by digging up crystals at the mine and having Bart sell it in town, so he actually is pretty reliable when it matters. He’s also quite the ladies’ man… at least so he says.





Amelia is Lux’s childhood friend, a kind, proper, and homely young lady who runs a farm near the protagonist’s home. Since Lux met the spirit girls, she fears that he might become more distant over time.


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Additionally, details on the above characters, starting with the protagonist Lux, Charlotte, Beatrice, and Diana can be read in our earlier report.


Forbidden Magna will be released on October 2, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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