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Forbidden Magna Splits Time Between Inn Harem And Dungeon Exploring



Forbidden Magna’s protagonist Lux meets a bunch of different spirit girls who’ll help him out at the inn as maids, but he’ll also have to explore dungeons to keep making money. 4Gamer shows us the harem life with the spirit girls at the inn and the battlefield action of the game.


001 002

Starting with the inn parts, where you’ll spend time with the spirit girls you’ve befriended. These parts are filled with everyday life events and talks with the girls.


003 004

Some spirit girls like to cook, so you might often catch them cooking something up in the kitchen. To the right is a look at Diana’s room, and it looks pretty cute when you consider that she’s the type who likes to keep her weapon by her side at all times.


005 006

The battle part uses a system known as the CLT (Connect Lead Time) system, which plays out more like an action game. The spirit girls are experts on the battlefield, and each one have their distinct characteristics.


007 008

You start out by giving action orders for the characters. As far as movements go, they can be positioned anywhere on the map.


009 010

Similar to strategic games, proper placement is a crucial factor in taking out foes. The above images shows Charlotte taking out a big group of enemies with a powerful slash attack, which is said to have more of an action-feel to it, rather than your average strategic game.


011 012

Forbidden Magna also features special animated scenes for the story, all fully voiced.


013 014

What connects the inn parts with the battle parts are when Lux spends time with the spirit girls using the ETR System, which is basically the use of special events and talks to increase his relationship and trust level with the girls, which also gives them more powers.


Forbidden Magna is slated for release on October 2, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

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