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Forbidden Magna Villain Is Out To Get Your Spirit Girls



In Forbidden Magna you’ll need to do a good deal of work at the inn and mines with help from the game’s Spirit girls to continue making a living, but what about the game’s villain? Marvelous recently some light on who the game’s main antagonist could be.

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After discovering Charlotte who was trapped inside a crystal, Lux also acquires his mysterious bracelet called Lacrima that attaches onto his wrist. He then saves Beatrice when she is being attacked by monsters by using the bracelet to awaken her powers.


While it remains unknown as to why, the Lacrima seems to have some kind of driving force that comes from defeating monsters. Using this power called the “Magna,” it can awaken the power of the girls like Lux did with Beatrice.


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The two characters Adelheid and Francesca seem to be controlled by a higher power, and will also need Lux’s bracelet to set them free. However, it seems like they’ll need a little more than just the power of the bracelet to do so…


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On the antagonist front, there’s a mysterious man by the name Kaizer who seems to be going after the Spirit girls. He used to be their master, and it remains unknown as to why he’s going after them.


Additionally, here are two new characters.




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Ingrid can be brutally frank, but people like her for that and she seems to be pretty popular. She also has an interest in the Spirit girls.




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Debonair is the town elder. She is even more respected than the town mayor Dangaroth. However, her adorable grandchild is her biggest weakness.


Forbidden Magna is slated for release in Japan on October 2, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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