The Forces Of Hell Face A Circle-Strafing Wizard In FPS Warlock Revenge



Players will find themselves in various fantasy landscapes, fighting against knights, goblins, and the forces of hell in Warlock Revenge, a 90’s-inspired FPS on Steam Greenlight.




The warlock has an arsenal of staves at their disposal, should they find them hidden in the various hidden areas and secret cubbyholes throughout the world of Warlock Revenge. Lightning, triple flame shots, and poisonous green globs will help keep the game’s array of fantasy enemies at bay.


Drawing inspiration from the Doom-era of FPS, there will be a lot of enemies for the player to stay safe from. Monsters often attack in large numbers, lumbering toward the player. Circle-strafing will be a necessary skill to live when a dozen demons are coming at them.




Warlock Revenge offers no set release date for when players will be able to start creeping through its underground caverns, dark castles, and hellish landscapes at this time.

Alistair Wong
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