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Forest Kraken And Ninja Bears Added To Road Not Taken On PS4



SpryFox has updated its roguelike puzzler Road Not Taken on PlayStation 4 with new content. The update is free to anyone who owns the game.


First off, the game now has two difficulties, with a Hard mode being added, while the new Normal mode is tweaked to be slightly easier than the game was before.


There’s also a new Timed mode that gives you four minutes to save all the kids in a single level. However, time is lost when you take damage, but can be gained by eating food and rescuing a child.


Aside from bug fixes, the update also brings with it new creatures, including a Forest Kraken – yep, expect tentacles to be weaving in and out of the trees. There are also Golems and Ninja Bears now too. All of these creatures also have secrets for you to discover tied to them as well.


And that’s the entire contents of this update. If you weren’t aware already, Road Not Taken has you playing as a ranger that ventures through a vast procedurally generated forest in search of lost children following a brutal storm.


You can purchase Road Not Taken on PlayStation 4 (obviously) as well as Windows and Mac. Check out its website for more information.

Chris Priestman