Form A Partnership With The God Of Death In Justice Chronicles, An Old School-Style RPG


It was all going swimmingly for Kline, the apprentice High Beast Knight, until he came across Alia. She’s a Battle Maiden who has suffered terrible injuries and is close to death.


Kline decides to save her but it’s not a simple case of grabbing a potion and making her drink up. No, Kline has to form a partnership with the God of Death, Rooselevy, giving up his own life in return for great power.

This is the plot of Kemco’s latest old-school RPG, Justice Chronicles, which is available to buy for iOS on the App Store. It’s full price is $7.99 but during its launch period it is on sale at $4.99.


It has you following Kline on his journey into Laft, part of the Earth-Depths, in advance of a looming war. He’ll play a big part in the battles and you’ll have to guide him.

Chris Priestman