Form A Curious Bond With A Vampiress In Remastered Kinetic Novel Songs Of Araiah


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Songs of Araiah, a kinetic visual novel about an odd relationship with a female vampire that originally released back in 2008, has received a remastered rerelease.




Songs of Araiah stars a boy who flees from his home town, which is under the control of a dictator. He runs to the mansion at the base of Hitely Mountain, pledging servitude to the vampire who lives there in exchange for immortality. This begins their strange relationship, which players will follow over the course of the game’s story.


This remastered kinetic novel changes almost every aspect of the game, updating and revising story and dialogue, offering new character sprites and backgrounds, and adding new sound and visual effects. The soundtrack from the original release remains intact, though.




Songs of Araiah is available now on

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