Form A Relationship With A Space Station’s AI In Event[0]



Players are stranded aboard a space ship, and their only way to get home is to form a close bond with the ship’s AI through procedurally-generated dialogue in first-person exploration game Event[0].




Two million possible lines of dialogue await players, and how they interact with the ship and help it with its problems will slowly form a bond between the player and AI, Kaizen. Kaizen may react differently depending on its mood, and the machine is capable of jealousy, gratitude, and disappointment.




As they converse, players will also be exploring the ship, solving hacking puzzles and going on dangerous space walks to continue.




Should they work through the fears and issues of the ship’s computer, players will learn more about the society that created it, as well as the ship’s history. These conversations will also lead to multiple endings depending on how they go.




Event[0] will be available on Steam this September.

Alistair Wong
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