Former Last Guardian Artist Working On Striking, Mysterious VR Game



Former The Last Guardian artist Rui Guerrero is working on Mare, a VR game for Oculus platforms that has players helping a young girl escape an empty, serene city by using a mechanical bird that’s controlled using the player’s own gaze.




The mechanical bird in Mare flies by following where the player is looking, so the player can somewhat direct where the bird goes with their gaze. This is not quite direct control, but the player can coax the bird in the direction they wish it to go to solve puzzles and help clear the path of strange creatures and obstacles for the girl to progress.


Guerrero is bringing a style similar to The Last Guardian to Mare, taking players to a bright, yet bleak world. Its main character stands in contrast to the washed-out world, though, bringing color and animated movement to the stark landscapes.




Few other details exist about the game at this time, but players can follow the game’s development on Mare’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Alistair Wong
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