Former SMT Director Cozy Okada Made A Poker Game, And Konami Turned It Into A Series



Some time ago, Cozy Okada, the former director of Shin Megami Tensei, made a game that combined poker, RPGs and fighting called Swords & Poker. Now, Konami have released a new mobile title in the series called Swords & Poker Adventures.


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The game takes the same basic principles: At the start of every round, nine cards from the deck get dealt out in a three by three pattern. You and your opponent then take turns placing two cards to form a proper hand. The better the hand, the better the damage.


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That gets modified depending on what levels, equipment and other fun stuff are being thrown in with the RPG mix. Future updates will also add player-versus-player components, expected in the fall.


While Swords & Poker Adventures is only available on iOS right now, an Android version is coming soon.