Fortune Catcher Will Have You And A Friend Fighting Over The Keyboard



It might be as fun to watch other people playing Fortune Catcher as it is to actually play it yourself. It’s a competitive two-player game that encourages physical scraps over the keyboard.


The idea is for each player to control a grabber hand to pick up a crystal ball that walks along a stage on the screen. Only one player can get the ball and be declared the winner, however, so on the screen they’re both fighting to be in the same spot.


However, it’s outside of the screen where the most action seems to happen, as you can see in the game’s trailer. It seems the best tactic is to push your opponent away from the keyboard. But why is everyone resorting to this tactic? It’s encouraged in the design of the game.



Each player’s controls are randomized, you see, so it’s very likely that they’ll be reaching over each other on the keyboard to hit the keys that they want to. From this the fumbling and pushing escalates.


Fortune Catcher is certainly worth a go if you have a friend (or an enemy) nearby. Especially as you can download it for free.

Chris Priestman