Nintendo 3DS

Fossil Fighters Returns On Nintendo 3DS In 2014


Some of you may remember the dinosaur collecting and battling RPG, Fossil Fighters, developed by Red Entertainment for Nintendo DS. This month’s issue of CoroCoro magazine reveals that the series will be making a return on Nintendo 3DS.


In Fossil Fighters: Champions, you played as a young boy who arrived on an island where dinosaur fossils could be dug up, then taken to a lab, where you then played a fossil cleaning mini-game in order to extract DNA to revive them. And after that? Well, you did what any other young boy would do with an unlimited supply of dinosaurs—you battled!


According to CoroCoro magazine, the new upcoming 3DS Fossil Fighters game will feature a new protagonist named Shura, and a variety of dinosaurs that can be used for battles. The fossil cleaning system will be in the game, as well; however, this time it appears as though there will be a variety of all-terrain vehicles you’ll be using to explore the lands in search of more fossils.


Fossil Fighters for 3DS is currently in development and slated for release in 2014.

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